Home of the legorgs.

Legorgs (short for leg-organisms) are small animals only consisting of a leg and a foot. The six-segment  animals are made of 8x2 Lego« bricks and their morphology is genetically specified - the different colors are different alleles of a morphogenetic gene. Legorgs can move by releasing the hold of the foot segment, falling and righting themselves again on the foot. Their fitness is proportional their motility, defined as the horizontal distance they move when falling, and they breed in proportion to fitness by the rules of natural selection.

See our paper in Evolution: Education and Outreach (online 2008).

The legorgs are used in a physical simulation of natural selection, the main mechanism of evolution.


Download Lab manual: English,  Danish


Download empty tables for the practical

Download simulation software (TemplateSelection.exe).
The Windows-software is based on a template selection experiment and allows simulation of large animals, large populations and large number of generations.

Download instruction videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Breeding legorgs
  3. Construction of legorgs
  4. Scoring of fitness
  5. Examples of fifth-generation legorgs